Sad Day In Penn Station. I'm not sure when it happened, but I saw today that the "big board" in Penn Station is no more. As much as I hate this station, I will miss it.

It's funny weird how things like this affect you;. I live in Brooklyn and when I take the Express bus or drive home I pass an old Army Armory surrounded by beautiful trees and I like to look at the leaves as they turn colors for the seasons and I'm always reminded how when I was little and drove past it in the back of my dad's station wagon I thought of it as a castle because it really looked like one and when I grew up I would live in it some day. It was a nice memory for me. A few years ago it was sold and turned into a storage facility and those loud colors were put over the barred windows and just turned it into a mishmash of an ancient castle and a leggo block nightmare of a building but at least I could still look at the trees. I was so dishartened when I saw they had cut down these immense beautiful trees and had added a blacktop parking area so they can now rent out a monthly parking area safe behind the high walls. There must have been a dozen trees and now it's just another parking lot. Alot has been going on in my life and not all of it good and when I saw that beautiful view gone I got real emotional on the bus that I almost burst out in tears. Things change, I get that but sometimes it just hits you so hard how random it could be. If you've read this to this point thank you.

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