The sad truth about so many asian girls on okcupid. At least she's honest enough to admit it.

Okay I will try again, with as much clarity as possible. I did my undergrad in mathematics and my phd in engineering, so I know a little bit about formal logic and argument. Please try to stay open minded

My original post claimed: Most asian women on okcupid are racist because they only want to be with a white man.

ChewedandDigested's rebuttal: Your claim of racism is itself racism.

My reply: Yes my original claim is racist, but that does neither confirms nor denies the truth of the original claim. it just changes the topic altogether to the person making the original claim.

This is known as the logical fallacy of ad hominem. Instead of debating the claim, you change the focus to the person making the claim.

I am saying if you truly believe the reverse racism of my claim is a bigger issue, I challenge you to apply that same logic in talking to black people to believe most white people are racist, and your argument would crumble apart.

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