SAD: Worship some norse god by doing pushups on snow

Haha. Whenever there's a discussion about the importance of men being traditionally masculine I always just ask "why?"... It's not exactly a difficult question, but no ones ever been able to give me a good answer beyond "that's just how we should be."

I mean come on, I'm open to it guys... Just give me a good reason and I promise I'll take up weight lifting, eat lots of steak and get into drinking beer, shave with a straight razor, get interested in cars and sports... I'll stop kissing guys for fun, cause I like women more anyway. I'll stop listening to classic pop divas. I'll even stop taking my long hot baths with bubbles, salts and candles. and I love those. I just need a reason.

It must absolutely suck to be dictated by these arbitrary rules of what a man should be.

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