Sadistical torturer starter pack (OC)

Dentists are fine for me, I've never minded just getting a cleaning every 6 months...its orthodontists I hate. I had braces for like 5 years and my local ortho's office was really tiny, like they only had 4 dentist chairs total, and when you walk in it's just the reception desk and the waiting room, dentist area is just behind the waiting room, separated by a wall with 2 big open archways for doors...I'm just trying to paint a picture of how crowded and echo-y that place always was.

I think I'm good about brushing now solely thanks to them though, cause they forced it on me through fear of embarrassment. The 2 dental assistants seemed to take pride in being absolute dicks with no tact. No matter how well you think you've been brushing or how proud you thought they'd be this time, you better believe they're gonna scold you loudly and embarrass the hell out of you in front of everyone in the building. And they would say it in a way that made you feel like the grossest person there, rude and bluntly commenting shit like, "ew, look at all this plaque, your teeth are gonna fall out, girl! You have GOT to get better at brushing! (continues to make disgusted noise every once in a while as they're examining your mouth).

My teeth weren't even bad, like I brushed every day and night, they just liked being assholes. They did that to pretty much everyone though which should have made it less awkward but it never was. You always got loudly singled out as soon as you laid back in that chair, and I've always been a shy, socially awkward person so going there was always such a defeating experience.

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