Safe area to be homeless in Houston?

Food: The Houston Food Bank can help you apply for SNAP benefits (food stamps) over the phone.

Contact them at 832-369-9390 for assistance completing your application.

The Houston Food Bank also offers additional resources like food pantries in your area. Click HERE for their map of dozens of food pantry locations or call them at the number above.


I would suggest that while you still have an apartment and a car, that you contact the more than 60 different assistance agencies in Houston that can help you with rent, utilities, prescription drugs, etc. Stay in your apartment as long as you can, and look for an apartment or room to rent - this is a good time of year to find a cheap place that a college student will be vacating. Call every single place on these lists to see what you might be able to qualify for - every little bit will help you:

Here is more lists of agencies you can contact:

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