"Safe Space" Students Silence Asian Woman For Saying "Black People Can Be Racist"

The words of the criminals themselves isn't good enough for you? What exactly do you want? FBI crime stats?

LMAO! Here we go!! Here are the crutches of bigots in a conversation:

  • "look at FBI statistics!
  • "what about black on black crime??"
  • "something something welfare/ affirmative action/ abortion."

Meanwhile none of you ever address why those things are the way that they are. See: white supremacy backed by institutionalized racism. That's a fact.

Go find me some fucking FBI statistics from when "the Nadir" and civil rights era was going on. You can't. Yet, FBI statistics miraculously sprang out of the blue after the drug war was started.

Who was targeted by the drug war? Who get the bad end of that? Hmm..

I'll duly note that you are denying the lived experiences of the Asian people in these videos. I'd love to see you do that to a bunch of Black people sharing their lived experiences about, say, racist white cops.

You're comparing apples and fucking oranges. Blacks aren't going out in packs and fucking with Asians with a legal system that supports them. Whites have, and they still do.

What more context do you need? The context of Black thugs specifically targeting Asians in the first news story?

Lol. That was one select group of assholes. Hispanics have targeted Asians. Whites have targeted Asians. Native Americans have targeted Asians, etc...

Yet, when Asians bring hate crimes up, you never hear "well what about Asian on Asian crime?" The same way you do when blacks bring up racism or violent hate crimes. Why is that? Oh wait, now you're gonna hobble on your "statistics" crutch again.

It speaks VOLUMES how you grasp at straws to attack blacks so much that you you jump on one little Asians anecdotes. Meanwhile, when blacks do it, you don't wanna hear it. The same crutch clichès come out.

But lie to suit your purpose as much as you need. To get to the music video, you had to click through both news stories first. So you're showing exactly the caliber and integrity of your arguments when you have to resort to lying about something that everyone can easily see and check for themselves.

the fuck? Go back and click your second link. The rap video was the first fucking thing that opened.

I've never done anything racist or bad to a single black person in my life.

yes you have. You're doing it now. Using crutches like "statistics", blah, blah... Without looking at the overall root of the problem ,and evaluating it at a critical level. Just because you never called anyone a nigger to their faces, or did anything overtly racist doesn't mean that you haven't done anything racist. Denying it is just as bad. And that's exactly what you're doing with your deflecting.

In fact, I spent years as a teacher assistant, after school tutor, football, track and basketball assistant coach and then eventually fully licensed teacher in places like west Oakland, East Oakland, Berkeley High School, and multiple schools in SF including in the Bayview and Tenderloin. I also volunteered and worked at GLIDE youth and family service center in the Tenderloin for years.

I don't care. I've met many people who do those jobs just to fluff their resumes and then spit out the same bigot bullshit like I expected you to next before I even read it. Which is this:

I've touched the lives of literally hundreds of indigent black kids in the most positive way one could.

I saw that bullshit coming a mile away. Really? You didn't touch a fucking thing... You're just a little white man/ woman that thinks because he worked with a few little poor & dirty black kids that he gets a pass to validate institutionalized racism because he taught them how to spell "Apple". Fuck outta here...

Go tell the parents whose Kids you "touched" your views. Guarantee they would have a differing opinion.

Denying why these students are protesting makes you no better than the people they're protesting against. Matter of fact, you are the kind of person they're protesting against.

And you're not speaking the truth. You're trying to spin things from one perspective to match your bigot ideology and completely leaving out other perspectives. That's not speaking the truth.

Speaking about this doesn't make me uncomfortable, actually. It just validates the fact that some of you are so used to your white supremacist views that you deflect & lie so you don't have to confront it.

Fuck outta here and try again.

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