Safi Triumphs over Alt Shura 2

I’m curious if the urd^kuro could just be swapped for GH collabs fortune Lakshmi, the cd9 fire card with double 10cc, antijammer, and four fire orb enhance, with the 7 turn duration 30% dmg reduce active. Obviously, 30% is not 40%, but the hp is so sky high, I‘m not sure it matters detrimentally. Drop the two team hp of Chibi Urd but pick up an open inherit slot that could equip a 3 team hp equip and come out a team hp equip ahead.

Lakshmi fits the kuro loop cycle, while being 5 into inherit when cycle returns, so it’s not clear she needs SDRs (she can shrug off a -5 delay) and could perhaps x2 dmg latent. Unless there’s a repeat SDR floor one stalls or messing around upon. Granted, safi isnt consistent about 10 combos, just as occasional sauce.

Not sure. Just mentioning in case interesting.

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