As I said on a previous post these are the worst kind of choosing beggars the ones who expect you to guess what theyre willing to pay or are to lazy to even give you a bad offer and expect you to lowball yourself. These are all from the last 2-3 hours and I'm positive I'll get another 6-7 before bed

Again and I can't believe how many people are missing the point

If something is listed for a price and you think " I wouldn't pay that much but perhaps they would go a little less"

Messaging " hey bud price is a bit high for me would you do it for 15% less ?"

Is completely acceptable and there isn't an issue In Any way shape or form in that line of questioning

If I can't accept I'll may reply " I couldn't do 15% but perhaps 10%?"

Messaging " what's the most % you will take away from the price"

Is an unacceptable line of questioning IMO as you are essientally asking them to take away there own profit margins to appease what is essentially an unknown entity (as the buyer has no clue what you would be willing to pay what figure you have in mind )

It's also not any of the following

  • Seeing if buyer is willing to negotiate

  • You offering the buyer a buy it now deal

  • Cutting out negotiations, back and forth bartering you are Literally just deciding to withdraw your part in that conversation and expecting the buyer to presume what you a stranger, would think to certain offers, when in reality the price is what it is unless YOU the buyer suggest a price you would be willing to pay

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