Sailor Moon Crystal ~ Episode 17

And her father was so cute and handsome as well. I really enjoyed that we finally got to see Mako's personality and backstory a bit even though we won't be seeing her again for a long time.

Enjoyed this episode but as always, I felt pretty disappointed at how rushed the final confrontation between each Ayakashi Sister and the Senshi was. At least Koan and Berthier (especially Berthier) got good screentime, Petz was hardly in her episode. They really took special pains to show she was dead this time as we saw her body shatter and turn to dust (Koan's death was much quicker and if Berthier wasn't screaming you wouldn't think she was dead).

But again my big disappointment with this episode was we didn't much of a battle between Petz and Makoto. I really was hoping the battle would have been a bit faster, but why did Usagi wait so damn long to use Moon Princess Halation? Usagi didn't have her power when she first fought Koan and when she got it it was already too late, as soon as she and Minako arrived they teamed up and took out Berthier straight away, but here they let the already very very ill and weak Makoto do all the fighting against Petz and only bothered to step in one Petz had already captured her (in the original manga, Usagi does not arrive until Petz is already captured Mako: in fact she is so busy gloating over her success that she doesn't notice Usagi sneaking up behind her and readying a Moon Princess Halation until its too late.)

Like seriously the whole point of not using stock footage and multiple attacks per season is so that they can make battles more fluid and in real time. I would have liked to see Petz and Mako blast more electricity attacks at each other (in the original manga, Petz uses wind based attacks, and in the concept art books its specified she can control plants and animals as well. Mako uses plants as well as electricity so that could have made for a much more intense and furious battle as their powers are not limited to electricity.)

Still we got screentime for Mako and I loved seeing her gorgeous greenhouse of an apartment: I even filled my own room with plants because I wanted to make it like hers. I also thought her crush was very cute: see Crystal this is how you make us invested into a pairing, not what the hell you were doing with the Shitennou.

Also that boy had a very cute butt. Good taste, Mako!

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