Saints plan to rework Jahri Evans, Cameron Jordan contracts

and stills. plus, as loomis told seattle, everyone was on the table. that's how bad the salary cap situation was

No, that's how bad the situation was when you have a QB like Brees and go 7-9.

so you trade for a center who can't pass protect? solid logic

He was rated 3rd in run blocking, 9th in pass pro. 4th best center overall. So ranked 9th best at pass pro means he can't pass protect? Wha?

uhh no. maybe top 10. and that's only because he's a very good run blocker

Ranked 4th. That's not a maybe.

quite the opposite. brees is at his worse when there's pressure up the middle. because he's short, as you may have heard, he needs space in the middle even more than most qb's. getting a center who is shit in pass protection is the opposite of helping brees. as is trading away his two best receivers

Once again, how is 9th best pass protector "shit?" You're greatly exaggerating to try and prove an incorrect assumption.

ha wow. i've heard of rose-colored glasses, but damn. the locker room cancers are mostly on your defense. getting rid of one guy with a shitty attitude on offense isn't going to cure the locker room problems. neither is a 3rd round pick. i will admit it could be a slight win for the saints when it's all said and done, depending on how well ellerbe plays in ryan's scheme. but a "great trade"? lol

Oh the cancers are mostly on defense eh? Tell me more La Canfora lol. More assumptions and speculation with barely any evidence to back that up. Something tells me I've read up more about our locker room issues than you have since I'm a fan of the team, but perhaps not.

well then, just like most things so far, you were wrong. obviously they didn't fire sale the team. but if you don't think these were cap-related moves then your homerism is just too far gone. i don't know what else to tell you

You can insist these were cap moves all you want, but until you have legitimate proof or atleast some stronger logic other than "you're being a homer!" Im just not gonna be swayed.

sorry you got hurt feelings. actually, truth be told, i'm not. get thicker skin if you're going to be wrong on the internet. that's solid advice, my friend. heed it

I don't remember saying my feelings were hurt, or even complaining that you were reducing the conversation to insults. I was just pointing out that insulting me isn't going to change anyone's opinions. But if you want to turn that into me needing thicker skin or whatever, you're welcome to do so. It just further illustrates my point that you don't have a very strong position so you're resorting to insults instead of reasonable conversation.

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