Salam Alain oil every one, I have a question

WaAlaikumassalam. To answer this question, for the millionth time, it is important to have a grasp of basic linguistics. The one you spoke to was perhaps correct in saying that the word daha does not translate to egg. Zakir Naik is fond of using this argument, but I was unable to come across a single source that supports his point. (On the contrary, I came across sources that refuted this argument of his.) In every single verse of the Qur'an that mentions that the earth has been "spread out like a cradle" or a "carpet", the word that has been used, in every instance, is ard, which translates to "land" or "soil." Had the verses referred to the planet, the word used would have been dunya—not ard. Moreover, even if one looks at the translation, the text should still not be confusing to understand, considering that the reader is aware of the difference between 'Earth' with a capital 'E' and 'earth' with a lowercase 'e'.

As for your second question, I have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps it would be better if you were able to offer some clarifications.

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