[Salt Thread] Types of Players you hate.

I'm a relatively new player (only started playing three weeks ago) but in Classic a few weeks ago I ran into probably the worst Godfather when I was Mafioso. He was so bad I actually wanted to lose.

Night 1: * I vote to kill somebody, Framer does his thing. * The godfather chooses who I chose to kill, BUT at the very last second changes it to the person first on the town list (Something I know to avoid because I know Lookouts go there in hopes of catching mafia/SK n1)

Day 2: * Lookout: "Guys I found Mafioso, it's <name>!" * GF whispers to me "Do me a favor and be a good teammate" * Exe: "Actually he's lying, I'm Lookout and <name2> visited them" * thinking to myself, maybe I can hide behind this and deflect blame on to them throughout the game * People vote, no trial

Night 2: * Godfather has decided to kill <name2> * Me: NO * Me: TOO OBVIOUS * "The Godfather has ordered you to kill his target."

Day 3: * Lookout: "Yep it's <name>, watched <name2> tonight." * chat goes on as usual, GF whispers to me some BS reasoning as to why he did it * People vote, miraculously still no trial.

Night 4: * Me: ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME HANGED? * Me: THE WHOLE TOWN NOW KNOWS IT'S DEFINITELY ME * Godfather has chosen to kill the Lookout* * "The Godfather has ordered you to kill their target."

Day 4: * Town: Guys lynch <name>! * Me: Just lynch me, I don't want to be part of this mafia any more. * Town: Don't worry, we will. * Town finally votes me up on trial * What is your defense? * "Godfather set me up for failure at every opportunity" * "Killing an obvious night one target that good Lookouts go to" * "Then killing the only person I could have deflected blame onto" * "Smart lookout, dumb godfather" * Town has voted guilty by a vote of EVERYONE-0 * Any last words? * "Godfather, if YOU had been smarter, YOU would not have been seeing me up on the stand" * "Good luck town" * Town: Aww that's sweet even for Mafia

And that is the story of the worst Godfather ever.

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