Sam Harris - Discussion of his ideas

This is very ironic since you were the one who came here and laid the ground rules. His racism is very much ingrained in his ideas. You can't separate the two merely because you want to.

Look, not everyone thinks as you do. I haven't seen evidence of racism in his ideas. If you think they're racist then explain why. Otherwise I have no interest in talking.

I am free to post this, you are free not to respond.

Because I just read that "absurd" article :D

The article is irrelevant, I only posted this to understand what the hostility towards him is. Salon has posted many articles about Sam Harris and I haven't seen much merit in them.

Dude, what are you even saying? Of course it's relevant. Do you just want to be on the safe side? No racism, irrelevant what I think of his views. No, it IS relevant what you think of his views and it IS so because a lot of it is racist.

You're not making any sense whatsoever.

You can't take uncomfortable discussions about the racism of someone you agree with sometimes

I am happy if you think there is racism in his ideas if you want to talk about that. What I will not accept is for someone to come in, call him a racist and expect me to accept it carte blanche. Lay out the idea you have a problem with. Otherwise I can't have a discussion. If you don't want to post then I'm not forcing you to.

Firstly, you seem like a fan of his

Evidence please. Fan is an obvious exaggeration. Occasionally I follow him. I agree with some things. I don't see the severe issues you seem to have with his views. That's the whole point of a thread like this.

I'm not the one NOT looking for a discussion

Yes, you are.

If you want to have a discussion you have to be charitable with ideas. If you can't do that then don't bother.

I will message the moderators and ask them if this topic is acceptable for this subreddit if I get more obvious hostility. If in this topic there is no possibly to even begin a discussion I'll delete it as a pointless exercise.

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