Samantha to break silence on divorce with Naga Chaitanya on Koffee with Karan 7

You do understand why OP brought a topic about Samantha into this sub right????? She's potentially a guest on KWK (it doesn't get more Bollywood related than that) and the topic is also about Naga Chaitanya, who is literally starring in Laal Singh Chadda a BOLLYWOOD movie.

You're pressed against people bringing up Samantha in a Bollywood sub when the topic at hand is Bollywood related and the actors being discussed are in Bollywood movies????????

Do you not understand you have no argument here??? You're mad that people come here and merely TALK about "south" stars, the same stars who are acting in Hindi movies. No one is even here in the comments arguing that any south actor is better than any Hindi actor, I certainly never said it!!!!!
Me saying SAK is boring ≠ Samantha is better.
I can name 10 Hindi actors who are better at acting than Samantha, she isn't even a great actor nor am I her fan. So who/what are you exactly talking about right now?

What mental gymnastics did you have to go through to get triggered at absolutely nothing here???

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