Same [troll unarmed adept]

Logic: I spoke with the experienced player who helped me make the character at length about this before submitting the character, and this was his main concern as well. I chose this for the character quite intentionally. He dropped out of kindergarten, and the only things he has studied have been his own very narrow interests. He's spent almost his entire life in prison, which lacks the real life situations and opportunities for discourse that build a foundation for logical understanding and problem solving skills. You get by in prison on instinct, and he has plenty of that. As such, his logic attribute is minimal because he has had minimal opportunity to develop it. He goes on a couple runs, he's forced to think a bit for himself, he meets some people who can rub two sticks together - now he's working with fire. Karma -> +LOG. It was also suggested that I take the uneducated quality to convey this. I did not for two reasons. 1. The code of honor and criminal SIN qualities are more central to the character, and 2. The text of the uneducated quality is literally the definition of mentally handicapped (uncertain if the writers detected the irony of saying it's not the case right in the description): severe inability to learn, greatly increased karma costs for learning skills. That is the antithesis of this character. The purpose of the Logic 1 is to characterize him as having minimal understanding of real-life circumstances and how to appropriately approach them. I found this particularly fitting for me as a player because I fully anticipate I will be fumbling around in the dark trying to get my head around some of the things in this game, and as I learn what the bloody heck is going on my trog dunce will figure things out as well and advance in his understanding. My dumbass choices in my first couple runs will be indistinguishable from my character's dumbass choices.

No, Logic 1 is essentially Uneducated Flaw for "free". Your character is dumb, and if you want the stat you better be ready to play a "Hulk Smash" level of intellect.

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