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The comparison simply doesn't work. A marriage doesn't entitle you to any sort of payment.

I don't understand why people keep saying marriage doesn't entitle people to payments. The laws related to marriage and divorce literally entitle people to payments under certain conditions, that's why alimony exists as a concept. How would alimony exist if it wasn't codified in those laws? Why would anyone pay out to an ex-spouse that they disliked enough to divorce unless they had to?

When you take a job you agree to exchange your time and effort for money, meaning you are entitled to payment.

When you get married, you make what is intended to be a lifetime pact and sometimes agree to leave your job and be a housewife or househusband. Those are the situations where alimony is most frequently brought up and received. One of the strongest arguments to receive alimony is when the earning partner had previously convinced the other partner to stop working and instead remain at home.

alimony still doesn't make sense since an ex could only claim compensation for a certain labor and have to define a specific amount of money agreed upon and which their time was worth, just like with a job.

That's usually how alimony works actually - it's negotiated during the divorce process and it has a finite end. Few people receive indefinite alimony.

Alimony is like if you quit your job and demanded our ex-employer give you a paycheck for the rest of your life for work you never will do for them.

Alimony is the result of breaking a contract - the contract of marriage. If an employer breaks a contract with a contracted employee, and the employee wasn't at fault, the employer is often on the hook for the rest of the payments. Similarly, breaking the contract of marriage, depending on circumstance, results in the payment of alimony. If the spouse that was more likely to receive alimony in the event of the divorce is found to be "at fault" (by cheating on the other partner, for example) it's much less likely that the alimony would be paid.

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