Samsung Galaxy vs. Splyce / 2016 World Championship - Group D / Post-Match Discussion

You know what I've done every lunch break and dinner break the past 2 weeks? Yup. You guessed it. Masturb...Jk

I queued up SSW and SSB matches and watched them. Lots of them. I learned a little Korean even!

I wanted to know what literally everybody was meaning when they were talking about this perfect execution, the unbeatable team, this guaranteed 3-0 against all competition. I wanted to know why it was GG c9, GG TSM.

I looked at picks and bans, I looked at warding habits, I looked at laning abilities, I looked at team fighting.

And there is no doubt both of these teams are outstanding. A+. I saw a lot of trust, I saw a lot of expounding on strength. A lot of outplay of top tier competition.

And I saw a lot of weakness. I saw a lot of misplay. I saw a ton of solo laners leaving nexus without wards. I saw bravado, miscalculation of opposition summoners, and mistiming of objectives (based on backs).

And I will firmly stand my ground in this prediction: if TSM and C9 lose 0-3 to the Samsung's I will cosplay bunny riven ala Oddone.


  1. OVERHYPED, more so than I've ever seen in a competitive scene for any game or sport. This is not the 1980 ice hockey USSR vs USA, this is not David vs Goliath. This is 2 outstanding teams against 2 very very good teams. None of these 4 teams are 1 trick ponies. The difference? Underdogs have no pressure, no pressure 0-0, 0-1, 0-2. What happens if the home team somehow loses 1 game ? The pressure builds.

  2. At least 1 Samsung will lose to an NA team, and "analysts" will have some 'splainin to do.

  3. I believe if I were strategizing against one of the Samsung's I could tilt a certain person and win the series alone off of that. If I were C9 I would look into that. I believe if I was strategizing against the other Samsung I would look very closely at how much fog of war ends up in certain areas of the map...its solo que.

Downvote me, criticize me, make fun if both TSM and C9 go 0-3, but after 40+ hours of watching these teams.....

I know this weekend is going to be competitive.

Edit: Just because this is getting so much hate, I wanted to emphasize out 4 things:

  1. Self posts do not gain karma, So I do not give a fuck if you down or up vote this, if it is front page or obliterated. You have all in PM or in comments told me to kill myself and worse. So who is the better man?

  2. It is funny watching people with Alliance flair saying that TSM or C9 cannot "take a game" off of a Samsung team when .. too soon? LOL

  3. I am not going to post a single detail of anything specific in this thread, ever. I hope that the NA teams have done their homework. I am not providing that information in public forum BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO WIN. But the point is that this is not fucking some junior varsity high school football team against the Dallas Cowboys as all the "analysts" make it out to be. The matches will be close.

  4. I will Cosplay Bunny Riven (Or anything upvoted to be a better option) if I am wrong within 72 hours of the final C9 game. PS:

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