Samsung is the King of Android Updates

  • Nah we were really a small crew of really passionate people. I quit a really lucrative career to go to Shenzhen and slave away for 1/10th of the salary I'd been making. First months I was solo taking calls at night helping people who'd fucked their phones while trying to root them. We really were like 10 people at the start running the Global side. China side, which they expected would be more popular, was bigger and we did use Oppo's factories, obviously.
  • I quit a long time ago. I believe the analyses about enthusiast brand -> mainstream are basically all correct.
  • Nah, I think they'll survive, just not in that enthusiast market. Oppo has survived a bunch of shocks, as has Vivo. You just can't stay an enthusiast brand and make money long term, that's just how the market dynamics work. I quit right before the 3 due to the incredibly low salary and ever-changing office politics (that's just a China thing).
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