San Francisco Playlist

I know there are countless talented musicians and all types of bands/music to come from the legendary Bay Area/San Francisco. This is just a sliver of a contribution based on my youth. For some of us growing in the 80’s and 90’s Live 105 was one of the very best modern music stations in all of Northern California.

“The music ranged from mainstream alternative rock, imports, dance music, and even classic songs from pioneering artists such as Lou Reed, David Bowie and T-Rex. Live 105 became a national influence on the format, and sole source of radio exposure for such artists in the San Francisco Bay Area.” 1985-1997

None of these songs have anything to do with San Francisco as a topic but these are all SF bands.

Wire Train - I’ll Do You / Chamber of Hellos [New Wave 80’s] Romeo Void - A Girl in Trouble / Never Say Never [New Wave 80’s] Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Anything from their debut album. [2000’s Alternative Rock]

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