San Jose Police Admits To BACKING OFF Anti-Trump Protesters to keep from INCITING them

How can a police chief have ties to such an organization and still be a police chief?

Because a heavy Latino area wants a police chief that reflects their beliefs.

I'll try to answer your question seriously. To understand both ends you have to look at it from both perspectives. So this is how they look at it. The Trump supporters here, a lot of which are probably not Californians like myself, can't really see why there are a ton of angry people in that area. So let's take a step back for a fucking minute and get some history.

Seems obvious to me. Mexican-Americans are the majority in California. You know when the US acquired the state from Mexico it's not like they went, "welp time to leave our houses and our entire lives behind now." No, they stayed and were granted citizenship. A lot of people forget that the US did in fact conqur Mexico (and even occupied Mexico city), and 13,000 people died in the war. In the end Mexico had to give up Texas and Alta California (upper Cali). They retained Baja California (lower Cali) and set the border at the Rio. Obviously there was a lot of displacement.

Many communities in Cali are deeply tied to Mexico and it goes back over a 100 years. Its not like they just forgot "oh yeah remember that time you shot up the place and conqured it? And now you want to keep us out of it? Yeah, fuck you" So yes, when Trump comes along and says he'd be disrupting things, they're obviously viewing it as an attack on the relationship between US-Mexico that's been around a long time. So when you have a group of MAGAs looking for a black and white solution like just rounding everyone up and dumping them back into Mexico, it's extremely disruptive to those communities. People here can be a bit thick headed and actually believe a solution like that would work, in a state that the majority of people are Hispanics.

They also don't know that there's already a 20ft cold rolled steel wall on the border of Mexico. It bankrupted the two richest states in the country building it (TX and CA). People argue it's not effective because it doesn't span the entire border, but don't realize you can't build one along the entire border without causing major problems to the wildlife and water resources. Also how the hell are you going to have eyes watching thousands of miles of remote desert? Most illegal immigrants don't even cross the desert. Only the poorest do that. The majority get a visa, take a plane or a train and then overstay that visa. Also I've been at the wall in Cali (I'm a white guy before you get any funny ideas), it's a great place to ride dirt bikes. You can literally climb the thing with a ladder. In fact I've done it for the novelty of it. I always thought it was the worst case of politician bullshit to suggest a multi billion $ wall that a $14 aluminium ladder can defeat. I've spent hundreds of days riding hundreds of miles of the dunes and desert near the border and I've only ever seen one immigrant, and he was caught by border patrol within minutes.

The wall is more of a meme than a real solution. Want to stop immigration for real? Crack down on the visas and suddenly there will be a lot less illegal immigrants floating around.

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