Sanders campaign's amazing response to internet backlash towards Joe Rogan's endorsement

"I sympathize with Nazis, there's nothing wrong with that, it's a normal part of the political process" says the wise brain genius.

He just said mainstream ideology. And your rebuttal is "ThE nAzIs!"

Not "everyone" does, just because you see a youtube video that's like SJW CRINGE COMPILATION or whatever doesn't mean "everyone" thinks it's okay to make fun of trans people like Joe has done in the past. Especially people on the left.

You're whining...

Well I'd have to go through every podcast on the top 100 list to answer that, but Bill Nye is an unabashed pro-LGBT individual and he's got the #32 spot.

You just tried to claim that Bill Nye is an "identity politics" guy by claiming that he's pro-LGBT. This is nonsense.

I'm pro-LGBT but I can't stand identity politics.

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