Sanders: Losing White Working Class to Trump an 'Embarrassment' for Dems

All the people on here not getting it he villified large portions of the population repeatedly bringing up specific examples of immigrants raping white women. he said we should search mosques and muslims should be banned many people are terrified of this man the Hispanic and muslims who voted for trump don't understand what they've done. Further democrats are never going to win back white working class older voters probably above 30. He offered literally no message besides repeal nafta, get rid of immigrants and tax cuts. he didn't even specify his Wall Street tax. His largest support was from workers making 50k to 100k and he still won white women. You can offer health care and populism to these voters all you want they will always believe there income taxes Is going to food stamps and never realize their money goes to Medicare and social security and their resentment for people from other countries who are educated and have higher incomes than them or believe immigrants are a drain on the system if you want some help understanding the hate in this country that is sizeable go read the comments on conservative websites and ask the people who experience the hate of many trump supporters

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