Sanders makes true claim. WaPo analysis: three pinochios

Since the wealthiest six people own $462.6 billion and the bottom 50 percent own $409 billion, the case is closed, right?

Yes. But there's more article for some reason.

That means a recent medical school graduate in the United States with high earning potential and loads of debt would wind up on the lower end of the scale than someone in India living on $2 a day.

Clearly, this is the majority of cases of debt, right?? Right??!?!?? If a doctor stopped working all of a sudden, his debt would be absolved, right??!?!?!?

Gates’s wealth is held in a complex financial system, but his wealth is being compared with nonfinancial wealth, the value of which does not fluctuate (or soar) with the same ease.

"Our pointless bullshit re-definitions of wealth make his statement not true!! Stock markets values aren't real!!!"

Bloomberg notes that Gates’s wealth has grown by $4.77 billion from 2016 to 2017.

"I guess they are real sometimes, though!!!"

There’s yet another wrinkle. Credit Suisse converts all the currencies to U.S. dollars, based on the value of the dollar at the time in question. However, it does not convert currencies using purchasing power parity exchange rates.

"Here's another pointless metric that we can run the statement through to make it not true, even though we acknowledged it was true before!!"

Without considering how debt is measured and held, what kinds of assets each group owns, or how the currencies are converted, it’s hard to make heads or tails of what wealth actually means,

"Who's to say if bill gates is wealthier than a rural Indian farmer, amirite??!?!?!?"

Sanders’s statistic, while provocative, is basically meaningless.

"We spent an article quantifying wealth in different ways, but end it by saying wealth is not quantifiable. Democracy dies in darkness #resist #remembertodrinkyouramazon©koolaid"

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