Sanders is no tea party leftist. He has a long record of working with others in both houses of Congress. He has upstaged Clinton on campaign issues and largely framed the Democratic debate.

I'm taking this directly from /u/elos_ and I hope they don't mind but I found it pretty persuasive.

Well I hope you change your mind in that regard.

Like it or not, we have upwards of 4 or 5 supreme court seats up for grabs in the coming 4 years. We can, realistically, have a 7-2 split for an entire generation depending on who is elected.

You get Trump? ACA is not only overturned, but we get a 7-2 overturn along with the power of a constitutional amendment that would likely make all forms of nationalized healthcare unconstitutional. Dodd-Frank would likely be overturned, and Citizens United reinforced. Expect Roe v Wade to also be overturned and abortion rights across the nation completely stripped.

Is this what you want? This isn't something that can be fixed next election or something. This is something that, at the minimum will be reinforced until we are in our 60's (assuming your'e in your 20's like myself). Think about that. The damage that will be done will not be able to be fixed until your children's generation and, even then, it will have decades of constitutional reinforcement via the Supreme Court and likely will never get overturned.

Yes, Hillary Clinton isn't as strong on Wall St. et. al as you would prefer. However, she's still helped pass some of the strongest regulations against them in history. I know you're extremely emotional over this election cycle, believe me it's been a total hectic chaotic mess. However, we need to think rationally here. If you believe in environmentalism and the health of this Earth, why would you vote for the man who doesn't even believe in Global Warming over the woman who has a plan to have us completely off coal by 2027?

If you believe in affordable healthcare for us all, why would you vote for a man who just wants to remove the ACA (which has given 10,000,000 people health coverage) and replace it with literally nothing over the woman who already has a drafted plan to expand it and double that 10 million number?

If you believe in corporate checks, why would you vote for a man who would not only let them run wild, but has vowed to reduce restrictions on them over a woman who, while not nearly as strict as Sanders, still has a history of keeping them in check? The choice is literally "let them run wild" and "we need them, but they need to be regulated". Yes, you'd prefer "get rid of them" but, in the long term, which is preferable if you only had the first two?

If you believe in the rights of women and minorities, why would you vote for the man who has over 80% disapproval ratings of both of those groups?

I just don't don't get it. Do you spite her that much that you would rather help run this country into dust against every principle Bernie stands for just to make sure she doesn't win? For what?

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