Sanders Not Planning to Quit Race After Tuesday’s Votes, Aides Say

Look, I see what you're saying, and trust me I despise that proto fascist fuck in the white house. However I am absolutely terrified of whatever GOP villain comes after him because they will be so much worse. Equipped with a coherent ideology and strong political instinct, having been shown that the "checks and balances" are a fucking mirage, the evil they will be capable of is Orwellian in scope. And that's what comes after a Biden presidency. There's no denying it. A weak-willed neoliberal more of the same right wing democrat will had the reigns back over to a monster 4 or 8 years down the line. Without sweeping reform our future is dark.

The only chance we have is taking a shot on a real progressive, one who is willing to break this shit down and start over immediately after Trump.

Which means I won't be voting for Biden. We can't afford that. If the DNC can rely on us to come back every time and vote for their right wing democrat because he's marginally better than the GOP monster then they will never change, and we will continue this inevitable slide into fascism.

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