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Sandra Bullock: My Looks Kept Me From Being Cast As A 'Leading Lady'

Sandra Bullock, 2015's "World's Most Beautiful Woman," says her looks weren't quite enough when she first started out.

In a new interview with Glamour's November issue, the 51-year-old Oscar-winner revealed she initially lost a lot of roles due to her looks (yeah, we don't get it either!).

"They didn’t want me to be the girl. 'Cause I wasn’t classically beautiful," she told the mag. "I loved comedy. I was the best friend. I wasn’t a leading lady."

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Fortunately, Sandra said the scrutiny of her looks led to opportunities that she preferred.

"It allowed me to express myself in a more authentic way," she told the mag. "Because I didn’t fit a certain type, it gave me the career I wanted."

The actress also admitted she still ("embarrassingly") has her high school cheer uniform.

"That might come in handy some sexy night. I don’t know who I’m saving it for," she joked. "I want to be buried in it."

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Sandy will next be seen on the big screen in "Our Brand Is Crisis," in a starring role originally written for a man.

When asked how she got the courage to ask the film's producers (including George Clooney) to adjust the role so that it works for a woman, the actress said she "did as my mother did."

"I put my blinders on and blazed forward. Sometimes you get a no, but I expect the no. I don’t expect the yes," she explained. "With this I got very nervous… But the response was 'We’re cool with it.' And then the role—I mean, it was so beautifully written for a man. It wasn’t one of those things where you go, ‘Hmm, how do we change it to a woman?’ You just change the sex; that was pretty much it."

Adding, "She’s human. She deals with addiction; she deals with mental illness. She’s brilliant at what she does, and she gets lost in the fact that all she cares about is a win."

Read the full interview with Sandra when Glamour hits the newsstands on November 13.

"Our Brand Is Crisis" hits theaters on October 30.


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