Santa Claus is the idea of God, dumbed down for children. He see's all, if you are not good you get coal(go to hell), if you are good you get presents(go to heaven), and the idea is to keep you under control for the people in power(the parents).

Delusional and believe in harmful lives for false comfort. Interesting. The tone of your post is clearly filled with anger and hate, which is a shame. Some of the most intelligent people in all of human history had a faith that could only be regarded as filled with peace and love for their fellow man, trying to use their gifts and talents for the betterment of our time here. That being said, I'm not sure how you could so boldly make your blanket statements about the purposes of any faith. It's a pretty easy and weak argument to think that all faiths are as you claim and that they are somehow the same.

If I'm wrong about my faith. I'm wrong and I'm as dead and gone as you state. There's no penalty for thinking this, since under your scenario, it doesn't matter. If I'm right, then I've lived a life of purpose and meaning and at least in my faith, am redeemed for any times I've failed to live up to that.

As a scientist, I've learned that there's always the next question, like a child who keeps asking, "but why?" If we keep coming up with the next question, why is not possible that at the end of the inquiry, there is a divine explanation for all of this? That's the difference between faith and religion.

Do some abuse religion for improper motives. Absolutely. It's human nature and can be achieved with or without using "faith" as a sword or shield.

I find it curious that somebody as complex as you (a compliment based on the rational argument portrayed in your post) is an accidental happening. But I also don't think that the advancement of human kind is even close to explaining it all. Many faith filled people in the scientific community take the attitude that the more they learn of the complexity and order of the universe, the more they are convinced that God is there. Others, though hubris or otherwise, convince themselves that they are just smarter than the universe. I imagine that unless we wipe ourselves out, someday science will finally climb the mountain of knowledge and when reaching the top, will find a bunch of theologians sitting there wondering what took them so long. I pray for peace among everyone and that my fellow man will have it all revealed to them someday in a way that they are open. In the meantime, I'll try to not fall victim to using my faith as a sword or a shield.

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