SAO get's a lot of love / hate, why do you feel how you do?

I had rose-coloured glasses on until I think it was the episode (can't remember the exact episode) where Yue beat that invincible Grim Reaper looking boss somehow, for some reason, and then disintegrated like a Thanos snap.

Then they found the console to the WHOLE FUCKING GAME, and what did they do with the small amount of time they had? They resurrected their computer adopted child they've known for less time than it takes to make an email account.

What could they have done instead? Oh, I dunno, maybe reactivated the logout button? Cause the button was there, it wasn't taken out, it was just "false" instead of "true" in the code. Which Kirito had at HIS FINGERTIPS, and legitimately somehow managed to find his computer daughter, find him and Asuna somewhere in the code for the whole game, and then shove Yue into a necklace that he could pick up into his inventory.

To do that in maybe 30 seconds, and not even think about getting out of the game, to save his new girlfriend, as well as thousands of kids and adults alike. I mean, seriously?

All he had to do was change a single line, possibly a single word to end his hell, and countless others. But no, he wanted a digital offspring to suffer along with.

I know that it was all for the plot, and would've ended the whole thing there and then, but c'mon.

I enjoyed the series throughout. But learning that after both SAO 1 and 2, it opened my eyes to how the series was after all that. How it really went downhill after Yue came into the picture (in my opinion) and turned it from the action and adventure genre that I love, into a slice-of-life that I don't really enjoy much unless it's comedic as well.

That's my thoughts on it.

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