Sargon of Akkad Still Can't Read, a deep dive response on the way that Sargon managed to completely misinterpret and misread the Epic of Gilgamesh by inserting his own weird mix of redpill liberalism into it.

I don't think it's a lack of reading ability personally. I think most of them have passable reading and reading comprehension skills. I'm convinced it mostly just comes down to effort, specifically the lack of it they put into their research and they probably mostly read passively. I actually think most of their 'research' is given to them by their circle of fans anyway so information comes through a filter anyway.

They at best will skim a Wikipedia article, google a few keywords and click on things that seem to approve of their narrative. If we're lucky they'll read a book, maybe two books if the first one is short. I doubt they bother to actually research the book or look into any discussions around the book. They don't seem to bother looking into any counter arguments to whatever they present anyway so they always seem really ill prepared to argue with them.

It's part of why it's so easy to regularly dunk on these idiots. It doesn't take much effort at all to look into the interpretations and other studies of The Epic of Gilgamesh to make sure you have an actual understanding before spouting nonesense all over the place.

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