[SAS] "Pretty sure the Germans love us for our cool presidents stance on Europe."

Yeah I had a completely different experience. Luckily they had an IB program in my district that I was part of. I had AP World History in 9th along with AP Human Geography, then in every IB Spanish class we had to learn about current events in Latin America. In 10th we had AP European History and I took an advanced IB course in History of the Americas my Senior year with a selected study of pre-20th century Latin American history. I only had one year of US history and we definitely had global perspective in that class. I wasn't exactly from an urban district either, I'm from a medium sized college town, but the program definitely attracted the upper middle class children of professors. Most were interested in learning and these were some of the smartest kids I've ever met.

This is why I occasionally get annoyed if someone here says we're all willfully ignorant and have all have a crummy nationalist education. There are places like this in the US too.

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