So I sat in an American pickup for the first time today

Because loading a bunch of shit into a pickup at that height beats dicking around with a car, and that's the end of it.

Also, ground clearance numbers are just numbers. No, ANY car and that includes Subies do NOT have the capability just because the lowest point on the car is comparable to the lowest point on a truck. There is approach angle, breakover angle, skid plates, suspension arms, etc that make them completely different vehicles.

Trucks are better at that stuff, period.

I love arguing with you guys becuase one day if any of you actually go head to head with a truck you will lose. It's 100% of the time. Then you will remember me.

People that hang out in 4x4 circles love to watch the Subie guys come to prove their car is off-road capable or has the same capabilities.

Just hooking up a trailer and driving it around often presents obstacles a Subie or AWD van cannot overcome. If you had experience you'd know that.

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