Saudi & ISIS are closely linked. Could there be a link between Labour's promise to crackdown on Saudi & the pre-election surge in attacks?

If we're delving into conspiracy theory, I'm more suspicious that every single time there's a terrorist attack, we find out that the FBI, CIA, MI6 or MI5 has been watching them for a long time and "cleared" them.

Seeing as these organizations posses vast databases of potential psychopaths, and considering all those organizations have very advanced cyber abilities that they could, perhaps, send go-orders to cells that appear to come from ISIS leaders.

They wouldn't need to manage these terrorist cells, they just need to know who they are and who they communicate with... then send out faked orders when they want attacks to occur.

Why do I think that?

March 22nd: Nunes Breaks News of Surveillance on Trump; ISIS commits London Terrorist Attack on the same day.

April 3rd: Susan Rice revealed as the unmasker; ISIS commits Terrorist Attack in Russia.

May 22d: Seth Rich information is about to hit Hannity; ISIS bombs a Grande concert and Hannity drops all interest in the case.

This one, though, I don't think helps Theresa May. The Manchester bombing is actually when her numbers started dropping... and of course she doubled down on her stupid Internet surveillance, which is going to turn people away.

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