Saudi Arabia launches campaign against Houthi controlled Yemen.

Where do I begin?

Case 1: When I was 10, I had travelled to Jordan by myself to meetup with my father during school break. He had already been there for a week with a family friend who was going through medical treatment when I arrived. Another family friend met up with me at the airport and put me in the cab with enough moola to get to my dad because he had a family emergency. (who leaves a 10 year old alone in a cab in a foreign country? Jordanians.) When we reached the end of the road, the cab driver asked me if I had tipping money (zreeba or something like that). I didn't understand his dialect at all and had no idea what he wanted so I kept saying 'waish?'. He turns around the corner, and tells me to get out of the cab. So there I was teary-eyed in Amman and it was freezing cold with specks of snow falling. Thanks Jordan. (I ended up getting in a cab with a very nice Palestinian man who I showed the address to and he took me there free of charge. He ended up driving me and my dad around the entire trip and invited us to his house to meet his family). Also, Jordanians smoke obnoxiously a lot.

Case 2: A couple of years later, I briefly dated a Jordanian girl. Her dad was in the Bahraini army. Almost got murdered a few times by him and her 3 brothers.

Case 3: Again another girl. I met this American girl one day and we were going to hang out together and watch a movie at her place (no haram, I wasn't interested). Her car broke down so her friend picked her up and then came and picked me up. It was a Jordanian dude. He was obviously very interested in her and was very aggressive towards me. We get there and she takes him into another room and they start arguing about something. They get in a fight and he storms out. He later texts her that he can give me a ride home later. I get stuck there because he never shows up. I was extremely uncomfortable so I left and walked 1.5 hours home very early in the morning.

... I'm just kidding man. I love Jordanians/I love Mansaf. I have good Jordanian friends who are just a delight to be around.

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