Saudis should send troops to fight ISIS instead of asking US to send troops, says US Senator Bernie Sanders responding Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal

I could be wrong..

But from what i understand the plan since the 40's has been buy mideast oil because its better we leave ours untapped for later. if we run out of oil before china or russia etc...would be very bad. actually most oil used in .U.S. is still domestic I believe we just supplement from mideast...

we figured if fucking mid east is stupid enough too sell off there lifeblood only too be powerless on bad farm land later fuck em we will pay a little extra for that long term security...for years many in mid east thought allah would never let the oil run out...its thought some of their scientists have managed too convince some of the religious morons too invest in other industries as a result or at least as a backup or addition too oil income.

Problem is no one factored climate change into this wonderful plan...In my opin we should tell every other country fuck you keep your oil and go 100% domestic and fast track alternatives..particularly battery research or hydrogen...Batteries dont store enough energy now for how much they weigh compared to how much energy is stored in oil...In other words oil is WAY easier to ship or transport from place too place...or you can use solar too make hydrogen...whatever either or i dont care. or something else entirely either way gotta get off of fossil fuels at some point and nuclear aint looking like a great idea honestly.

Why does saudi expect us too fix the problem? They assume we still give a fuck about the oil and we probably do...Id say fuck it let em have the caliphate dont mean shit too me. let europe handle it or china or russia or not...and if the attack us again well lets try bombing invading killing destroying all there homes/schools/hospitals and just LEAVE no rebuilding no long term boots on ground 6 months care for civilians or collateral damage...after thats been done 3 times in 15 years ISIS Calliphate will be willing too sell us hand made jesus figurines at a low rate I guarantee. Europe will bitch about the humanitarian aspect but wont DO anything.

Sorry for shit grammar and yes if ya got something too add or refute or correct im all ears. not the grammar dont bother I dont care that much.

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