Save the world challenge. A Gnostics positon In an End times scenario.

To save is to safeguard and protect things so that they may come into their own. It is a caring and cultivation of things, not the imposition of will upon them. Creation in the sense of poiesis or bringing forth, rooted in essential nonwilling or the humble serving of the inspiration that sees things already coming into their own, is in its essential nature cultivation. The abdication of will that banishes all desiring images such that the inspiration can be seen, is in its essence a spiritual vision. The insight thus gained while probing the essence of "saving" is one that admits no distinction between the spirituals and the creatives. Creating is not "forming matter" in the sense of commanding and conquering, it is letting oneself be appropriated by the poetic vision that saves and protects, the vision that brings everything out in its essential nature. The solution is thus to realize the essential identity of the factions, and in this identity, proceed.

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