I saw a child being molested live on Omegle. It was horrifying and I wish I could’ve done something and I wish I could unsee it.

Different situation (many many years ago when I was in middle school), didn't involve pedophilia or a minor, but I was video chatting a girl on omegle and she attempted suicide via cutting while I was on chat with her. I went through the same struggle of first trying to say "no", then trying to find a way to contact police, and eventually just admitting horrible twisted defeat and turning the computer off so I didn't have to see it. I haven't been on the site since then but I am not surprised there's still messed up shit on there.

I was able to resolve some of the guilt I had surrounding that moment by getting therapy, and eventually realizing that I was taken advantage of by this internet stranger. My guess is that scummy, horrible, pedophile guy got some satisfaction from doing that in front of you and knew he wouldn't get in trouble for it. You were taken advantage of and there's nothing you could have done in that situation better than you did.

I am very sorry to have anyone in the "same club" as me. The internet can be a wicked place. Please just know none of this is your fault.

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