I Saw the Kate Steinle Murder Trial Up Close. The Jury Didn’t Botch It.

Or when they pull the gun into their finger, which was clearly the case in one of those videos. If they didn't know it was a gun they were holding, it would happen even more often. I never said the guy wasn't holding the gun in his hand, it's not like I said he pushed the trigger with his nose. I don't know exactly why you think you understand the way that accidents happen with weapons so well as to call something a "fairytale."

You being this unreasonable about it makes me think you're just defensive about gun accidents. That's fine. Here's a question, though. If I were to wrap a loaded pistol in a shirt and set it under a bench, would you sit in front of it and watch someone pick it up if the barrel was pointed at you? Would you do that experiment twenty times? Are you so confident that it's unreasonable that someone can press a trigger while handling a gun, without their hand on the grip, that you'd let it point at your face while they handled it? You don't need to answer that, because both you and I know you wouldn't, because both you and I know that you can discharge a gun while turning it over in your hands, with or without a cloth around it.

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