Saw this on FB… which tees do I hit from if I average 10 duffed chips per round?

  1. I had the day off Friday and couldn’t find anybody to play that morning. I checked the tee shot and saw the first time slot was still available so decided I’d take it and see how fast I could play. I asked the asst pro if they have a course record for the fastest round and he said it was an hour and 14 minutes in a cart and an hour and 16 minutes walking. So I had my target and also set a target of shooting under 90. Hit my first drive at 8:00 and sank a 20 footer for par on 18 at 9:09. It’s a pretty fun challenge I’d recommend everybody try every now and then. It’s fun to see how well you can hit it when you completely clear your mind and just hop out and hit as quickly as possible. I noticed my lag putting was incredible. Just not even thinking about getting a read just hitting it.
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