SBMM, Exploring the Other Side.

Im mid 30s, play on PC, and know my reaction time is slowing down as time moves on. I have found that when i use a very specific loadout, either 540 pulses or 600ar's, and play in a very specific way, Laning Larry, I will get a good chance at dropping 35 defeats in quickplay. However, when i deviate from the loadout or playstyle, I get absolutely spit on and tea-bagged, barely managing 8-10 per game, even on the winning team.

I also got matched up against ZKMushroom twice yesterday, and even though my team won, he personally destroyed me over and over and over, until i pulled out the ol' Horrors Least, sat WAY back, and outranged his dire promise. Why the eff am I getting matched up against gods? As neat as it is to see these "famous" players in my games, I know instantly I am about to waste 10 minutes of my life getting steamrolled, even if my team wins. Whatever, as long as it progresses my weekly bounties I guess.

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