I scam old men for money

I don't care what these dudes send, you're doing the work of a con-woman and that's the end of it. Besides, without your agency in targeting them, they'd never have come across you. This is not justifiable, no matter how many times people down vote, no matter how many lies you tell, or excuses you make. You emotionally manipulate lonely, sex-starved, vulnerable men for money- with the occasional legit pervert, every now and then, which still doesn't justify it. Period.

And also you really have no idea at all if they "can afford it" or not. You have no way of knowing that, at all. To claim you do, is again, pretty damn dishonest.

So, where am I getting all that right? Reason: Because a happy, secure man with a healthy sex life wouldn't ever be texting you, let alone falling for this bullshit con-game.

Credit where it's due, good for you for not being a complete scumbag, and exploiting your body. I can admire that. -Still, it doesn't make up for all of it.

Where is your empathy here? I mean, I know where it is: It's being surpressed by those excuses of, "they're all perverts" and "they deserve it" and "I confessed it on reddit, and people agreed with me". Your moral compass, which is obviously still functioning, is just being buried under all those lies, and delusions.

Honestly, can you tell me that if this whole thing were reversed, you wouldn't be incensed? That you wouldn't assert victim status? It doesn't seem to me like you're completely devoid of empathy because if you were, you wouldn't be trying to garner support here on reddit like you're doing. Your better nature is why you posted this in the first place. Please listen to it- If you think you can be forgiven for this: surely even the worst of the dick pic senders could be deemed to have made a mistake, and forgiven also, correct? Besides, at the end of the day, you don't see the damage you could be doing and it's very logical to assume the worst, given the nature of this entire... "situation".

...Or I could be wrong. Maybe you really are an empathy-less, sociopathic predator and a truly bad, and irredeemable soul. If you were, I'd probably reckon you'd ignore this, and carry on without a thought. Your actions will decide that.

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