Editorial 419

You have stated previously that intentionally cheating someone on the Trading Post (for example, they ask for 100,000 NP and you offer 10,000 NP) isn't allowed, but I was wondering if you could get in trouble for offering less than the Trading Post price for an item on a trade and that offer being accepted? Also, if you can, please explain what the difference is between that and Auction / Shop Wiz sniping? Please remove my username. ;D ~username removed

There's no problem at all with making an offer of whatever you like for a lot on the Trading Post, as long as you are not maliciously trying to trick or spam someone. In the case of your example, or the instance of offering a plushie version of something on their wishlist with the hope that they'll fall for it, that is what crosses the line into scamming, not making a lower offer in the hopes they will accept your bid on their lot. This, Auction, and Shop Wiz sniping are all fine as long as everything is on the up and up.

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