Scamming pedophiles out of $700

Yeah. No.

I live in the south. And I am poor. So all I can do is get validation from the internet.

My parents do not know, and if I can help. Never will. Grandmother too.

My brother sort of suspects. But. I'm not worried about him never speaking to me again. I am an adult. So disowning is not really a thing. I think.

If I could actually afford it. I would consider it.

But at the very least I would wait till my grandmother dies.

I don't really care about my mother or father too much. My stepmom is pretty accepting.

My grandmother is old though. And she is pretty much the only reason I am sticking around here.

I hear that Canada is pretty cheap for it. But I couldn't even think of getting surgery in America. That's financial suicide. LMFAO

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