The Scapegoating of Single Family Homeowners

News flash: single family homes (or even condos) are tough to get in much of the rest of the USA. Look at homeownership stats; most people can't afford even the less expensive ones. So no, given our income inequality, not attainable.

Interesting you assume that those of us who live in apartments bring noise and traffic vs single family homeowners. Guess you weren't around the Bay Area to see the impact on the roads of suburb construction out in Co Co for instance.

And if you like sprawl, I suggest moving to Palmdale. And how one can beef about traffic in one paragraph and then immediately suggest more sprawl further from jobs is headspinning.

And "they" includes many who live up in say Marin who bought single family homes at high prices because they want those open spaces.

And we get it; you're not a green and wanna drive your Hummer until the Bay rises and drowns even more housing. If you're so unhappy, why not just move? no one entitled you to the mansion of your choice in the place of your selection.

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