A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Wouldn't be so sure. ISIS took responsibility of multiple attacks in Saudi Arabia.


In May 2015, Qatif and Dammam mosque bombings, claimed the lifes of over 25 Saudi Shia Muslims, and 106 wounded.

An August 2015 attack by an ISIL-related suicide bomber murdered fifteen people and injured nine more at a mosque inside a Saudi special forces headquarters. An Interior Ministry spokesman stated that the militant attacked the Asir area complex during the traditional noon prayers. Saudi political analyst Jamal Khashoggi remarked that the attack could be the largest anti-Saudi action done by ISIL yet, with Kashoggi remarking that "[t]his is shaking us to the ground."[2]

In July 2015, a police raid in the city of Taif ended in policeman being gunned down. According to Saudi authorities, three people were arrested while flags of the ISIL group were found. That same month, a car bomb attack upon a security checkpoint in Riyadh, the nation's capital city, wounded two policemen. The driver perished in the explosion. The attack is believed to be connected to ISIL.[2]

On March 9. 2017, an Islamic State group member attacked and killed a police officer, and was shot dead by Saudi police afterwards

The Saudi government is hated by almost all Muslims alike. Extremists to conservatives hate Al Saud for working with the US and giving them money, designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and more. Non-conservatives and moderates hate them for applying such harsh strict rules in their country, not to mention the Saudi government tolerating Sheikhs and Imams spreading wahhabist ideologies.

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