Scheer in Quebec City, differs with Legault on rights’ protection

Scheer shows he does not understand CAQ voters...

Anyone who thinks the CAQ is conservative need to take a second look.

Just in the past month, the CAQ has:

  • Presented an initiative to protect water as an essential resource
  • Published a pamphlet on the need to turn Quebec into a green economy
  • Modulated public daycare cost on family revenues (those who make $200,000+ a year will pay $22 per day per child)
  • Put $1 billion aside to fight against take overs of "strategic businesses" to retain major Head Offices in the province.
  • DID NOT slash income taxes or business taxes except for elderly taxpayers of modest means.
  • Introduced fiscal measures for those who take care of an elderly parent at home
  • Introduced subsidy for eyeglasses for kids (until 17 yo)
  • Increased financing for library books and school outings
  • Increased healthcare spending by 5.4%
  • Passed a bill to remove the Crucifix from the National Assembly
  • Reaffirmed its partnership in the Carbon pricing market
  • Put aside in its budget $146 million for “a personalized program for every immigrant in this province” to help them integrate the labour market

If that sounds like a Conservative party to you, I have a bridge to sell you...

`What motivated the CAQ voters:

  • Nationalism, secularism, where Quebec reaffirms its core values and stops wondering "what Ottawa would say".
  • French language protection.
  • Desire for decisions concerning Quebec to be made in Quebec.

Basically, Scheer does not understand that people in Quebec who voted for the CAQ want to see a lot less of federal politicians.

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