[Schefter] Multiple teams interested in former Chiefs’ RB Kareem Hunt, who now is expected to have a job “sooner rather later”, per source.

This is in no way an endorsement of Hunt, but can someone explain why people are acting like the kick was straight out of the 300? https://youtu.be/D6Z2RhnqwI0 is is a homicide compared to that kick.

She clearly refused to leave, he pushed her, then she punched him. After that, him barrelling out of the room with reckless abandon is what led to his friend and her getting hurt. That's the violent part, not the kick. And even though I'm sure he could be charged with something, I doubt it's assault.

Also, if it turns out she was spouting what they claim, I'm glad that it's not my job to judge who was more wrong when someone's gender doesn't shield them from their racism.

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