School in Bavaria has sent a letter home to parents warning them not to let their daughters wear revealing blouses or short skirts, because emergency accommodation for refugees has been set up next to the gym.

This is only about stop wearing certain clothing temporary, but it brings up a larger issue.

It is up to those coming to the country to change their ways to fit the culture. They knew all about what western culture is like and they came anyways, but refuse to fit in and change. It is not up to Germans to change to fit the immigrants' views and social values and social norms.

They want their cake and eat it too. Which is to demand economic freedom and security and stability, while refusing to change all the things that made their own country a terrible place to live. They refuse the social change, which was part of the cause of what they were running away from.

They can't have it both ways and will just destroy the social aspect of place they go to since they have not changed the things that made their last place such a place they did not want to live in.

It is similar to gentrification. People want to live in the "cool" area with the artists, etc, but when the yuppies take over, all that is left are their boring peers that they were trying to escape from.

People in western Europe by and large do not want to live in a society with the social aspects of the middle east and northern african countries. If they did, they would be living in the same hell hole.

Most of the western and central European countries are secular. Almost all the immigrants are not and come from socially repressive societies heavily persecuted through religion. Why leave that shit hole if you are not willing to reject the method of your persecution and oppression called religion? Shouldn't 90% of them be rejecting their religion if they truly wanted to live in a free society?

There is a saying "don't shit where you eat". As romantic as a journey through hell and risking death to reach the "promise land" of Europe is and flattering it is to many people, it will change the social fabric of Europe for the worse.

It already has. The girl in a bikini in France getting beat up. Allowing religion back into secular institutions like the schools by offering halal meals.

They are helping the people on the right who want to turn back things socially back a thousand years. They need to be resisted and fought and we need to keep them out as they have shown they are not going to change.

Those who want to keep making their own place a more civilized place need to stand up and fight to keep our place civilized.

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