School name matters: Internship Application Results with NO Prior Experience

No name unranked as fuck school, 90 apps, 38 coding challenges, 10 final rounds, did only 6, 5 offers (Amazon, Bloomberg, Salesforce, Microsoft, Squarespace)

You're college plays a part in how well you were taught data structures and algorithms and how likely a recruiter will be attracted to your resume. You can self-teach structures and algorithms so the only bad part is the prestige, but as you can see from my experience that's not too big of a gap to close.

I will admit that the interviews you did get with some of those companies, I was resume rejected, so it still plays a factor on getting an interview until you get a big name on there. With that being said, I don't think I missed out by not going to some top tier college, just need to work a bit harder :).

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