Schools replacing snow days with virtual learning days are dumb.

We're extremely rural, local town has a pop of 1200 people, 50 acres middle of the woods, kids go to school via bus at the end of the road. We (adults) expect to be snowed in 7-8 months of the year and not leave the property.

Split up computer time between the kids. That's basically what we had to do during pandemic. 5 kids, all in the school system. We now have computers for all of them, but we didn't for 3 (very young kids). They had to borrow from parents/siblings to get their classes done.

The younger ones struggled a lot, mainly because their teachers didn't really teach them. They'd give books or a worksheet to do for the month. Learned basically nothing, and they were behind. Spent all of last summer catching them up to their peers.

Oldest two had issues because the content was extremely difficult. They take online courses for the local college, that counts towards their Assosciate's, while in high school. Oldest two have finished high school (usually done by freshman year) and we focus on the college credit instead afterwards. Teachers were not communicative, at all, and I spent many hours teaching my kids a lot of things.

Finally, oldest was accused of plagiarism last year. My mom was a history professor at a top college, and my daughter quoted her in a paper about Vietnam. The online teacher lost her shit and tried to have my oldest expelled. We had to have my elderly mom call this rural as fuck school to explain why my daughter is just quoting Grandma.....

Not a huge fan of online learning. Kids are left to fend for themselves mainly. During pandemic (spouse/I work from home), we fell behind in work a ton. Spent months (Jan - March) just trying to make sure the kids had completed their pandemic online class work.

Horrifically stressful.

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