Scientists are fraught with errors, biases and conflicts of interest, but the only thing that beats science is better science.

Copernicus and Giordano Bruno died for the right to be wrong! There is nothing more silly to my sentiments than someone saying "x is this because 'science'", when they should say "The scientific method has shown that x relation is changed, possibly due to y".

For a real world example of how blindly following "SCIENCE" is wrong:

Most of the people who have hard science degrees in a practical area, i.e. engineering, are politically conservative in the USA (until recently apparently). When the climate change "pushers" say "The science is settled!" an engineer will say "By who?" and continue on without a qualm. This isn't to say that climate change science is false.

The scientific method is the best way of gaining knowledge. It doesn't apply to everything (yet) but it is a great benchmark for anything it is applied to.

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